A Summer with the Shiba Inu


This summer, Syd, a Shiba Inu, is on a trip to the Island of Strands. She gets back in touch with her old friend Max and meets a mysterious Labrador retriever named Quei-Li. With her friends, old and new, Syd rediscovers her old urban jaunts and favourite street foods. However, her fond memories of this city perhaps aren't what they seem…

Story features:

  • Technology is ahead of our current world, but us humans can see the parallels and similarities to present time.
  • Why does it seem like Quei-Li knows much, much more about Syd than she lets on? What are her motives?
  • Syd in turn is trying to find out something about Quei-Li and her brother...
  • What is "The System" and the effects of it measuring and dictating the value of each individual dog?

Game features:

  • On a lighter note: Gorgeous art based on real locations and local street food are a feast for the eyes.
  • Multiple story branches as you find out the truth behind Syd, Quei-Li, and Max and their relation to "The System".
  • Steam features planned: Steam achievements, trading cards, badges, backgrounds, and emoticons

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We've noted that the browser version may have slow loading times, so feel free to download the Windows and Mac demo as well!


Quilly (Quill Studios), Bella H. (Freelancer), ds-sans (Freelancer), Music: http://www.purple-planet.com

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