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Really enjoyed this game -- was confused for a bit but managed to figure out how to get the main endings and CGs c:

One question -- I've gotten most endings (9/13) -- is there anything  that unlocks after all 13?

Thank you for playing!

Here is a walkthrough, in case you're missing any:

If you've unlocked all 13 and seen all CGs, that's pretty much the full content of the game. It's possible to get the [spoiler] different starting scene after you unlocked enough endings, but 13/13 isn't a requirement.

I'm only a little bit in, haven't even gotten the achievement for running into everybody yet, but wow it's like every little thing I learn about Lyra (even maybe especially from MC who loves her) is hitting me over the head with red flags. I'm certainly getting some kind of idea about her...

Hello Sarah1281, thank you for playing!

You are totally correct there - look forward to seeing what you think as things pan out, as you find out more and more about her and the main character!

If there a +18, I will buy the game and even donate u ❤️🖤, but seems amazing !!

Thank you for taking a look at our page

Np, u guys have talent, cool game