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Content Warning: This game contains dark themes such as death, murder, blood, and emotional manipulation. Some of the illustrations contain blood, but there are no on-screen depictions of death/someone dying/being injured.
Some suggestive themes are mentioned, in the context of a fictional work existing in-game, and not pertaining to characters in-game. None are depicted on-screen.


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Death Becomes You is a murder mystery set in a magical university.

You find your best friend dead, and 4 suspicious students lingering around the scene. Who is the one that did it, and how come you never knew about their complicated history with your best friend? Who is lying about their intentions on that night?

Death Becomes You is a mystery visual novel where you, the reader, untangle the reasons behind Lyra's death by building friendships with 4 of your fellow magic students.

Choices matter and affect the 4 routes of the story. You find the truth - who had the motivation to kill Lyra? Or did Lyra have a secret that she was hiding?

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  • Replayability - multiple routes to unlock more and more of the truth.
  • Characters with complicated motives and interpersonal history.
  • 5 bad endings, 4 character routes + endings, and ? mystery endings. ~77,000 words (full game only)


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Super excited for the full game! :D


Thank you for the kind words!


Thank you for sharing!

Awesome suspense and a great read. I want to know more about what went on with Lyra!

Thank you for playing!

Amazing game dev and great story 

Thank you for sharing!



Thank you!!